Spring & Summer 2008 Idea Book
Spring & Summer 2008 Idea Book
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Spring & Summer 2008 Idea Book - idea booklet for Lasting Impressions for Paper featuring the Cherish, Cuddly, Celebrate and Gratitude Collections.

Templates used in the Spring & Summer 2008 Idea Book:

L9569 Polka Dots
L9571 Fresh Flowers
L9574 Present
L9568 Cup of Flowers
L9572 Flower Twist Apart
L9590 Wedding Cake
L9585 Kiss
L9584 Special Pair
L9589 The Dress
L9586 Savor This
L9581 Tweet
L9582 Rubber Duckie
L9576 Tiny Toes
L9577 Baby Elephant
S870 Baby Pin
L9579 Puppy Dog Tails
L9583 Toy Sail Boat
L9580 Tickle Bear
L9561 Dotted Flower and M24 Flourish Borders
L9565 Vase with Bouquet
L9562 Birthday Balloon

Templates sold separately.

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