1. Our Annual Customer Appreciation Sale!
    Happy New Year! We've been busy this year redoing both our websites. A big change is that the idea page links are now at the bottom of the product pages instead of at the top.

    The holidays have receded enough that we can take a deep breath now. We know you've been busy creating wonderful holiday memories for your family. Now it's time to do something fun for yourself. To help, we're offering a store wide sale, including all embossing templates, embossing folders, accessories and tools at Brassworks Embossing!

    New Products

    Stampendous purchased Dreamweaver Stencils last year. Stampendous is releasing fun new template designs under the brand Fran's Metal Stencils. You can find them on their own product page and on the New Products page. The cards above all use Fran's Metal Stencils embossing templates. We're also continuing to add to our assortment of Dreamweaver Stencils which you'll also find on the New Products page.



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